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The Dell EMC PowerEdge R7525 is a two socket, 2U rack servers that is designed to run workloads using flexible I/O and network configurations. The PowerEdge R7525 features the AMD® EPYC™ Generation 2 and Generation 3 processors, supports up to 32 DIMMs, PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 4.0 enabled expansion slots, and a choice of network interface technologies to cover networking options .
The PowerEdge R7525 is designed to handle demanding workloads and applications, such as data warehouses, ecommerce, databases, and high-performance computing (HPC) .

Featured Technologies

The following table shows the new technologies for the PowerEdge R7525:
Table 1. New technologies (continued)

Technology Detailed Description
AMD® EPYC™ Generation 2 and Generation 3 processors . ●   7 nm processor technology
●   AMD Interchip global memory interconnect (xGMI) up to 64 lanes
●   Up to 64 cores per socket
●   Up to 3.8 GHz
●   Max TDP: 280 W
3200 MT/s DDR4 memory ●   Up to 32 DIMMs
●   8x DDR4 Channels per socket, 2 DIMMs per channel (2DPC)
●   Up to 3200 MT/s (configuration-dependent)
●   Supports RDIMM, LRDIMM, and 3DS DIMM
PCIe Gen and slot ●   Gen 4 at 16 T/s
Flex I/O ●   LOM board, 2 x 1G with BCM5720 lan controller
●   Rear I/O with 1 G dedicated management network port
●   One USB 3 .0, one USB 2.0 and VGA port
●   OCP Mezz 3.0
●   Serial port option
CPLD 1-wire ●   Support payload data of front PERC, Riser, backplane and rear I/O to BIOS and IDRAC
Dedicated PERC ●   Front storage module PERC with front PERC 10.4
Software RAID ●   Operating system RAID/PERC S 150
iDRAC9 with Lifecycle Controller The embedded systems management solution for Dell servers features hardware and firmware inventory and alerting, in-depth memory alerting, faster performance, a dedicated Gb port and many more features .
Wireless Management The Quick Sync feature is an extension of NFC-based low-bandwidth interface . Quick Sync 2.0 offers feature parity with the previous versions of the NFC interface with improved user experience . To extend this Quick Sync feature to wide variety of Mobile

Table 1. New technologies

Technology Detailed Description
OSs with higher data throughput, the Quick Sync 2 version replaces previous generation NFC technology with wireless at-the-box system management .
Power supply ●   60 mm / 86 mm dimension is the new PSU form factor
●   Platinum Mixed Mode 800 W AC or HVDC
●   Platinum Mixed Mode 1400 W AC or HVDC
●   Platinum Mixed Mode 2400 W AC or HVDC
Boot Optimized Storage
Subsystem S2 (BOSS S2)
Boot Optimized Storage Subsystem S2 (BOSS S2) is a RAID solution card that is designed for booting a server's operating system that supports up to:
●   80 mm M .2 SATA Solid-State Devices (SSDs)
●   PCIe card which is a Single Gen2 PCIe x 2 host interface
●   Dual SATA Gen3 device interfaces
Liquid cooling solution ●   The new liquid cooling solution provides efficient method to manage the system temperature .
●   It also provides liquid leak detection mechanism via iDRAC . This technology is managed by the Liquid Leak Sensor (LLS) mechanism .
●   LLS determines leaks as small as 0.02 ml or as large as 0.2 ml .

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